Adventuring in St. Maarten

It’s not every day that you get to visit Sint Maarten, the Dutch side of beautiful St. Martin. Shining sands and Caribbean waves will great you from around the island and exploring the hills and forests just back from the beach. The sun smiles upon the island making it verdant and full of life. You will not want to waste such a beautiful trip just sitting at the Resort, so check out a few of the things that we recommend you look into doing! 

Philipsburg Boardwalk 

If you walk straight out of the resort, you’ll have already started your journey onto the Philipsburg Boardwalk! Filled with shops, restaurants, and other delightful experiences, you are almost guaranteed to find something you love while spending a beautiful day perusing down the boardwalk. Being located in the Virgin Islands, most stores and goods are duty-free, meaning that they are exempt from some national taxes and duties, a shopper’s delight. Famously, there are a multitude of gem stores, perfect to find some stunning jewelry! If you get famished during your shopping safari you can pop into one of the many restaurants located on either Front or Back street and find anything ranging from fresh seafood, cute cafes, and delicious local Caribbean cuisine.  

Sea Fun SXM Watersports Center and Boat Tours 

With the wide Caribbean Sea awaiting you with open arms, be sure to take advantage of this fun experience while exploring Sint Maarten! Just a few miles away from Sea Palace resorts is the Sea Fun SXM Watersports Center and Boat Tours. This is the perfect place to kick off a day on the water. You can rent out Jet Ski’s (even solo!) to spend the day riding the waves and exploring the island from the aquamarine waves. Boat tours are also on offer, giving you the added benefit of a local guide taking you directly to the best spots. You can also find tubing, perfect if you’re looking to hang around the shores for the day. One of the most popular activities you can find is flyboarding, a device that you stand on and uses water pressure to let you hover above the ocean! This is the perfect place to visit if you’re either looking for a thrill or to have fun riding along the high seas! 

SXM Rally Tours 

If you want to get a full island’s worth of exploring in on one day, then look no further than the SXM Rally Tours. Also located extremely close to the resort, there are multiple options available to rent: the side-by-side 4×4 vehicle, the three-wheeled Ryker, the ATV, or the motorized scooter. They also provide routes to take if you’re looking to maximize the number of things you want to see. They have a trip that takes you around the full island (both the Dutch and French side), as well as by all of the major landmarks, views, cultural centers, and swimming holes. They also offer up 3-hour, 2-hour, and 1-hour trips that show you various parts of the island, which help to fit this experience into a busier vacation schedule! 

Sky Explorer and Flying Dutchman 

The last thing we’d like to suggest is the experience of a lifetime. A trip on the sky explorer to the highest elevation on Sint Maarten and a quick ride down on the Flying Dutchman, the world’s steepest zipline. You’ll soar over trees with a view that Saint Martin would die for, and end up right back in Philipsburg ready to continue with a great vacation day!