Eating in Philipsburg

Taking the time to experience the culture of a new place is one of the best parts of a vacation, and it goes doubly so when you’re visiting the US Virgin Islands. Philipsburg is no different, full of great places to explore while you’re taking it easy in the Caribbean Sea. With wide ranging tastes and full of that famous Caribbean spice, there is plenty to find to sate your curiosity. Here are a few suggestions we think you shouldn’t miss!

The Jerk and Roti Hut

Roti is a specialty and plentiful on Sint Maarten, especially on the Dutch side, and makes for a perfect meal! The Jerk and Roti Hut is a great quick stop to find a delicious roti lunch, or many of the local favorites. You’ll find all types of jerk spiced foods, fresh baked bread, delicious rice and beach, and fresh seafood; all a perfect mood for staying in the Caribbean. Make sure you stop by this great local eatery to get your fill of delicious food!

Oasis Food and Drink

A true locals spot this is not only a great place to grab a bite during the day, but perfect to get to know the locals at night. Located right on Simpson Bay its easily accessible from Sea Palace, making it the perfect place to experience a local dinner. It is perfect to find yourself hear at night along with the locals who have come to chow down on some oxtail, garlic conch, shrimp, and a larger myriad of Caribbean cuisine staples.

Captain’s Rib Shack

One of the more popular types of food the island are the absolutely lip-smacking good ribs you can find! Captain’s Rib Shack is one of the most popular, even if it doesn’t look it. It’s a roadside shack, but don’t let that fool you, it is one of the most popular places to eat in Simpson’s Bay. You’ll find ribs spiced with that famous Caribbean flavor, delicious and fresh garlic shrimp, and even the delicacy of oxtail. This is the perfect place to totally blow out on some delicious and filling food!


This place serves up a great fusion of Dutch, French, and Caribbean cuisines making it the perfect place to find something that tastes like the soul of Sint Maarten. One of the other great things about Sheika’s is the variety of vegetarian options that they serve up, making it perfect for those wanting the taste of the island’s cuisine but who have a restricted diet!

St Maarten Pica Pollo

The last local place we wanted to recommend is St Maarten Pica Pollo.The Dominican population living on the island brought over one of their delicious dishes, Pica Pollo. It’s an amazing form of chopped and fried chicken usually served with a side dish of fried plantains. This is a great place to explore some of the local favorites. St Maarten Pica Pollo is located close by, making it the perfect place for a quick lunch or meal. Have a great time eating another of the local’s favorites!




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